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What does intensity mean to you?  If it means jogging on a treadmill then you are horribly wrong and you won’t get the results that you are looking for.  I learned how important it was to workout at a high intensity from Coach Jewett.  Coach Jewett has shown me that he is a great coach and motivator. 

Coach Jewett gives me great advice, like to go hard and be intense when training.  He instills that I work hard and train when my opponent is not.  I wake up early just to get a workout in before school starts.  He incorporates different strategies into our training like plyos and explosive lifts.  He helps us with our goals and pushes us to reach them.

Without Coach Jewett I would not be at the mental and physical level that I am now and I know that I can only get better under his watch.

Alex N.


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