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My first year of athletics was very easy compared to what it is today.  I was getting tired at the end of competitions and my opponents were physically and mentally tougher than me.  It all changed once I was working with Coach Jewett.

He pushed me to my limit.  He put me through grueling conditioning and tested my mental capabilities.  His goal was and still is to push me to my breaking point.  He does this to lead us past these points and build new ones.  Those who train with him become more mentally tough than today.  They also will have never been in better shape then they will after training with Coach Jewett.

Today, I have passed points I never thought I could pass.  I am both mentally and physically tougher than I could have imagined.  He knows how to push athletes and make us stronger.  All my success I credit to Coach Jewett.  I am the person today because I have wrestled under him.  Everyday I appreciate the time and effort he has dedicated to make me better.

Andy M.


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