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When I first starting training with Coach Jewett I was a decent athlete at best.  Now I have become more developed in my abilities; both physically and mentally.  These new attributes are largely due to Coach Jewett and his coaching.  He has pushed my strength and cardio to new levels causing me to now be able to do many things that I never thought possible.  He utilizes a combination of strength and cardio into all workouts.  A session coached by Coach Jewett will leave your body completely exhausted, giving you the full workout you need to become a serious athlete.

Coach Jewett does not accept anything but your best.  He will motivate and push anyone who come and asks for help and is willing to work.  He teaches you that you should never give anything but your best and that no one should  ever be better than you.  It is the mindset one needs to succeed in life- not just in sports.  Overall having him as a coach has benefited me on many levels.  I have become much more of an athlete all around.  I have improved not only physically, but mentally as well, and I continue to improve with his help.  I am lucky to have a coach who constantly pushes me to my best abilities.  I know with his help I can reach my goals.

Zach U.


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